A Very Big Welcome From Me, The Worry Wizard, To You!

Who Is The Worry Wizard?

I was first called The Worry Wizard by a very special boy named Jack.  I had been helping him to find his Courage to share his Worries.  It was so exciting when he rang and said,

“I have Courage.  I shared my Worries with my teacher.  She told me my Courage is amazing.  She asked me how I found it so I told her, ‘My Godmother is The Worry Wizard.’ “

Jack inspired me to get active.  He asked me to find Tools that help to stop Worries growing too big.  He asked me to help him learn to look after his Wellbeing.  

I'm not the only Worry Wizard.  There are lots of other Worry Wizards for you to meet.  Say hello to Jack, Mim, Ella and Sonny.  They are all getting active with their Worries and looking after their Wellbeing.  We're discovering new things all the time so keep popping back.

Wellbeing wishes,

The Worry Wizard

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