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How I Became The Worry Wizard

A child's thought can shift from "I have a Worry" to "There is nothing good in my World" to "There is nothing good about me". “There is nothing good about me” is the most painful thought of all.

When a child believes this, life can feel impossible. Watching this transition in thought, and the consequences it can have, will be equally upsetting and disabling for the adults around a child or young person.

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I am lucky to work with lots of children and young people who allow

me to support them to learn tools that help to manage Worries. Together, we talk about the image of 'The Worry Well'. 'The Worry Well' is a way of describing how it feels to struggle with your mental health without the necessary support. When sitting with a child in this position they have often shared a sense of tumbling head first in to 'The Worry Well' and hurtling downwards, with no way of knowing how to stop their descent or how to climb back out.

'The Worry Well' feels like a long, deep, cold, dark and lonely well. The further you hurtle down, the darker and narrower it becomes. Worries, similar to the ones in the picture, cling to the walls of the well. The narrowing walls of the well mean that the further you descend, the closer the Worries are. Before long it feels you cannot see, touch, hear or smell anything else but Worries. To the adults around the child they can feel helplessly positioned at the top of 'The Worry Well”, watching their child’s descent but with no knowledge of how to stop their fall or how to reach in and help them out.

I wanted to extend my work beyond the counselling room and try to help adults around a child or young person support them to manage their Worries before they became more significant issues that affected their Wellbeing. It was my Godson, Jack, who encouraged me to do this.

Here is Jack. He loves riding his bike. But one day he stopped riding it. He was far too busy doing one thing over and over again to have time to do anything else, Worrying.

Jack and I did some work together to support Jack to find the Courage to share his Worries. A week later I received a phone call from Jack. He sounded very excited. He told me he had spoken to his teacher about his Worries and she had praised him for having the Courage to dothis. She asked him where he had found his Courage from and he replied “My Godmother is the Worry Wizard.”

I told Jack that being The Worry Wizard sounded really exciting. I shared with him how proud I felt that he

was able to get active with his Worries and work so hard to make his Wellbeing shine. Jack told me it was my turn to get active. Together we chuckled about the idea of action pants – the best type of pants to wear when you want to get active! Jack asked me to find Tools that help to stop Worries growing too big. He asked me to help him learn to look after his Wellbeing. He told me I needed to let other people know the things I find out.

And so with my trusty action pants on I am transformed into The Worry Wizard here to provide adults and children with fun-filled, creative tools and techniques to help move children and young people from Worries to Wellbeing.

To follow The Worry Wizard story and find out more about the activities and materials I have developed to help children with their Worries and Wellbeing please go to

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