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Surviving or Thriving? (#MHAW17)

‘Surviving or Thriving?’ is the title of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (#MWAH17), running from 8-14th May 2017. We are being encouraged to uncover the steps we can take to look after our mental health and how we can build the resilience to cope with the demands of everyday life.

The Worry Wizard® recognises that for children to thrive emotionally, they need to understand their emotional world, develop a language to describe it and be encouraged and supported to regularly use that language with trusted adults around them. This can be done in a gentle, fun and imaginative way so that it becomes embedded in to a child’s everyday life.

My commitment to the Emotional Development and Wellbeing of children and young people is cemented each time I counsel an adult battling the exhaustion of emotional survival. Whilst the factors contributing to an adult feeling unable to ‘survive’ will differ, the same key absences in childhood are regularly shared:

  • lack of support in developing an understanding of their emotional world,

  • lack of self esteem and self worth,

  • no tools that help to manage Worries and build Wellbeing.

One adult shared with me,

“I didn’t realise those feelings were a ‘thing’. Certainly not a ‘thing’ I could talk about. I definitely didn’t know that talking about it would help me. So I didn’t. And it grew bigger and more difficult.”

The Worry Wizard believes that supporting children to develop certain qualities, which we call Wellbeing Qualities, will enable their Wellbeing to shine brightly.

For example, a child who learns about Community, and is supported to see the communities they are part of, will feel less alone. A child who learns that Laughter makes you feel better, and is supported to seek out things that they find funny and share these findings with others, will experience that feeling of ‘better’. A child who learns that Courage is to keep trying, even when you feel afraid, will understand that feelings of fear are natural and experienced by many and it is their determination to keep trying that deserves celebrating.

The “How To Make Your Wellbeing Shine!” Poster and the Wellbeing Greeting Cards focus on ten different Wellbeing qualities. Children are encouraged to actively develop these qualities, adults are invited to celebrate the moments when these qualities triumph!

Wellbeing is not a static state. Neither are the demands of everyday life. These will differ hugely throughout a person’s childhood. With encouragement and support to develop an active relationship with their Wellbeing and build their resilience, every child will be best placed to meet these demands and ‘thrive’.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week we are giving parents the opportunity to win some of our unique The Worry Wizard Wellbeing Greeting Cards and Posters so do come on over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get involved. #TheWorryWizard #MHAW17

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