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Unlocking Hope When A Child Is Struggling With Worries

Hope encompasses so many things, one of which is having the 'grounds to believe something good may happen'. When your child is struggling with Worries it can feel impossible to unlock hope and help your child hold the belief that 'something good may happen'. This series of illustrations explores this. Here is the first of three.

The door to hope rarely stays locked because of a disinterested adult who doesn't care enough to yank the door open and let hope flood in. Most children I meet who feel Worried and alone (and hopeless) are supported by an adult desperate to help them. Because the adult loves their child. And their child is struggling. And they want to stop that struggle.

Yet, time and again, I am told by the children I work with, "I'll not tell my (...) my feelings again. They just take over and try and fix it."

'Sorting it out as soon as possible' can seem the priority. Because you love your child. And you want to stop their struggle. ASAP!

Pace is such an important word. It's a word I return to again and again. It can simply mean 'a unit of length representing the distance between two successive steps'. The step from 'I can only see Worries' to 'I will try and see something else', is a massive step. Huge, difficult, courageous. A step that becomes less possible if you feel rushed. Yet how can you contain your sense of urgency when you see your child struggling?

Hope is a way of thinking that begins with having a Belief in yourself. It is rare for a child, who is struggling with Worries, to be able to germinate Belief on their own. Yet, when a child knows that someone they care about believes in them, and they are supported to understand why, Unlocking Hope can seem more possible.

Managing your desire to rush in and fix your child's Worries ASAP can be difficult. Yet choosing to meet them in their 'place of Worries and aloneness' and offering them the following conditions can be transformative:

Belief + Pace + Together + Curiosity = Unlocking Hope

I wonder if this sum adds up to you?

In this final illustration, it is not so much the words that are spoken, but the conditions that are offered, that break open the door to hope and allow it to shine.

[illustrations Chayground]

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