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Jack and The Worry Wizard: a multi-layered approach to helping children with Worries.

I am so excited to share that Jack and The Worry Wizard is ready.

Jack is far too busy Worrying to have time to do anything else. Jack wants to share his Worries but he feels too scared and alone. What will he do?

When Worries turn your child's smile upside down, it can be difficult to know how to help them. Jack and The Worry Wizard offers a gentle and fun way to help children develop tools to manage Worries before they affect their Wellbeing. Each book includes a personal invitation to the recipient to get active with their Worries and a request that they write back and begin a therapeutic dialogue with The Worry Wizard.

Jack and The Worry Wizard is not a normal book. The book is only 1 of 5 parts that gently and deliberately set a manageable pace for an adult to begin to explore Worries and Wellbeing with their child. Each book includes an invitation for a child to write to The Worry Wizard. The reader is guaranteed a personal response sent directly to them and tailored to their needs to boost their sense of self and self-worth. The response will include a further activities designed to:

• help support a child or young person’s Wellbeing,

• develop Tools to help to manage their Worries,

• build a positive sense of self.

Written by an experienced, accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Jack and The Worry Wizard incorporates proven therapeutic techniques to offer children and adults a gentle, imaginative and fun approach to explore Worries.

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