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Bypassing your inner critic...

Samuel West’s words encourage you to look inside and question your intention rather than inviting your inner critic to judge the response of others to your actions. Let’s be clear, your inner critic would love the invite. It loves any opportunity to tell you you’ve crashed and burned. Because it’s nice like that!

We all have moments when we worry how others are receiving our actions. Sometimes, though, when it begins to govern the choices you make, it can be a sign of social anxiety. Social anxiety is horribly difficult. It refers to the perception that there is something wrong with you coupled with the fear that there will be a big moment of reveal where people find out what it is. When you can pull your focus back from the reactions of others and look inwards to gently reflect upon your intentions, it can be helpful. Especially as it bypasses the need to ask your inner critic for their thoughts. For whilst it frequently claims to be your best friend and most trusty advisor, it loves to tell you lies!

As an aside I wonder how many of you watched ‘All Creatures Great and Small’? I loved it so much I’m now reading the books. The stories immerse you in so many important things, ‘Community and being kind to each other and being kind to animals, respecting the environment and welcoming strangers.’ Brilliantly, there’s going to be a Christmas special🎄💚. I’ll be watching!

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