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Listen inside, what do you hear?

I love helping children to hear their voice 💙.

Recently, I was sat with a group of children in one of our Worry Wizard schools. We were decorating envelopes with kind messages for their teachers and then packing them full of goodies.

A child who seemed to be Future Leader potential (currently 7 years old), was at the helm, ensuring every teacher, lunch time helper, reception staff, were celebrated 💝. She was not going to let anyone feel left out.

My table companion, also 7, was quiet. Her head was down. Her lip was being chewed.

🧙‍♀️: “I wonder who you’re decorating your envelope for?”

⭐️: Mrs 🌸.

🧙‍♀️: “You’re writing such lovely kind things on her envelope.”

⭐️: “Hmph.”

🧙‍♀️: “Do you think she’ll like it?”

⭐️: “Hmph.”

🧙‍♀️: “I wonder if there’s something else you’d like to do?”

⭐️: “(whispering) I wanted to make one for Mrs 🌈 but Future Leader says someone else is so I can’t.”

🧙‍♀️: “Mrs 🌈 sounds really special to you.”

⭐️: “Hmph.”

🧙‍♀️: “I wonder what you think of these words? ‘Listen inside, what do you hear? Don’t worry if it’s fuzzy, or not very clear…’ I wonder, if you listened inside, what might you hear?”

⭐️: “(exhaled) I’d like to make an envelope for Mrs 🌈.”

🧙‍♀️: “Wonderful. How do you think Mrs 🌈 will feel to get 2 special envelopes?”

⭐️: “I think she’ll be happy.”

🧙‍♀️: “I do too. And I’m so excited you listened to your voice. I wonder, if you keep listening, what else you might hear?”

I wonder, if you listen inside, what might you hear? 💭💙.

Go gently, and be kind, Amy✨

Illustration: thank you to the wonderful A Peace of Werk 🥰

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