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The Blue Sky Foundation - An Exciting Way of Working Together

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new way of working for The Worry Wizard®✨. The #BlueSkyFoundation, as part of their recent grant offer through the Community Foundation for Merseyside, have offered to fund The Worry Wizard's 'Introducing Wellbeing' programme or 'Activate Your Wellbeing' Programme to four Community groups working with primary age children across Merseyside 💙.

This way of working has been made possible by the wonderful support and guidance offered by the Community Foundations for Merseyside and Lancashire and the belief and steadfast support of the Blue Sky Foundation🌟. They are committed to supporting community groups who support children and young people's emotional wellbeing and those suffering with or at severe risk of mental health difficulties 💚. So are we! ✨

I look forward to meeting with some of the Community groups later today and delivering the first training session 🖥 💫. I will also be sharing with them the great news that the Blue Sky Foundation has generously agreed an additional budget to provide further Worry Wizard resources to support the groups as they roll-out the programme 💰🥰. I'm hoping they will each enjoy having their very own Wellbeing shine powered shopping trolley to go shopping with! 🛒 ✨

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