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Together Not Alone - nearly there…

Joining our brilliant cast from Young Storyhouse, for our final recording for Together Not Alone, our brand-new animation project, was such a treat 💝. Watching them learn and record Amy Wadge’s beautiful original songs, written especially for our animation, filled me with pride and wonder in equal measure. They have each shown so much Courage to dive in to this project. I can’t wait for you to see what they’re helped to create. Amy’s music is simply beautiful 🎶🥰.

The Worry Wizard’s Chief Doodler✏️, Chay Hawes, is just adding his final magical touches to our animation🪄. We’re nearly there 🎥🍿.

Together Not Alone will be released on World Mental Health Day 💚, Sunday 10th October.

We’re so lucky to be supported by these wonderful charities and organisations - Cheshire Community Foundation, Reuben’s Retreat, Rose’s Way Foundation and Young Storyhouse. Your generous funding and support is making this project possible.

Together Not Alone, with accompanying adult toolkit, will help guide and support adults and children in a gentle way, through difficult conversations about grief and loss. It will be a free-to-all resource. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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