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When Love Triumphs

Charlie Mackesey was a precious companion last year, his drawings acting as a compass that repeatedly guided me back to the healing potential of love and kindness. My copy of his book ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ is well worn now, misshaped with Post-it notes and folded down corners, all set to direct the children I sit with to one of his many precious messages.

I received the most beautiful gift this Christmas, from someone whose story I feel so privileged to be part of.

Charlie Mackesey writes, “Maybe I feel too much - but if there was a red button you could press that would stop you feeling, I would never press it. That’s not living. Being human is to feel an awful lot - and people who carry on loving, living and persevering inspire me to do the same.”

My gift giver is someone who showed the most extraordinary courage not to press the red button. Their ability to carry on loving, living and persevering was something neither of us knew was possible (although I desperately hoped it would be). Thank you to Charlie Mackesey who featured largely in our therapeutic conversations.

And here’s to you, 🌟, you found a way to let love triumph, you found a way to navigate the storm. I’m so grateful to be part of your story.

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