Reuben’s Retreat is a charity that was born in memory of Reuben Michael Graham who tragically passed away aged 23 months.  Their goal is to provide a retreat in the countryside of North West England that will relieve the distress of families and their close friends who have suffered the bereavement of a child or have a child suffering from a life limiting or life threatening illness.


Amy Smythe, The Worry Wizard, says,

"I began following Reuben’s Retreat on Facebook shortly after the charity formed.  I felt pulled towards it.  Photos of Reuben’s cake-crumbed chops tugged at my heart whilst his beaming sunshine smile made me want to smile back.  The words of his Mummy, Nicola, describing her ‘miss’ and her determination to create ‘a place for families to relax, recharge, remember and rebuild’ made me want to step in and offer my support.  Nicola repeatedly shared, “Everyone has something they can offer to Reuben’s Retreat,” and I was able to offer my experience as a Counsellor.


Regardless of their particular circumstances, families approaching Reuben’s Retreat are at their most vulnerable.  And time and again, I’ve watched this massively hearted charity respond by offering a safe environment in which individuals can, possibly for the first time, sit in their pain knowing that there is no need to hide it, reduce it or fix it.  They know that, in Nic, there is someone who understands the depths of their pain and someone with whom they can trust their grief.  This trust is an extremely important foundation to beginning therapeutic work. 


Not all children who experience the loss of a sibling, or who have a sibling with a life limiting or life threatening condition, will need one to one therapeutic support.  Yet it is crucial that all are given the opportunity to explore how they are feeling and receive reassurance that everyone has Worries and that, with the necessary tools to manage these Worries, your Wellbeing can continue to shine.


To assist Reuben's Retreat in their ongoing work, The Worry Wizard is providing Reuben’s Retreat with a copy of "Jack and The Worry Wizard" each month for their library.  “Jack and The Worry Wizard” is a multi-layered, fun and practical approach to helping children with Worries.  It offers a gentle and imaginative way for children and young people to explore their Worries and, together with an adult, discover the tools they will use to overcome them.  Through the included, interactive worksheets, with personal responses from The Worry Wizard, children and young people learn to develop a shared language so that Worries can be discussed beyond the child's time with Reuben's Retreat.


The Worry Wizard Ltd. was founded by BACP accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Amy Smythe MBACP (Accred.), PGDip, BA (Hons).  


Amy adds,


“Please take a look at the wonderful work Reuben’s Retreat are doing.  It may be that, just like me, you have something to offer to this magical charity.  Whether it is fundraising to help make this vital work possible, offering your skills to further their work or attending one of their many and varied charity events.  You could make a difference to someone’s life and, from my experience, they will make a difference to yours.”

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