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Dedicated To The Emotional Development & Wellbeing of Children & Young People

It is hugely important that we support children to learn skills that can help them to manage their Worries.  All of us will have Worries at some stage of our lives, including children.

Adults may notice changes in a child’s behaviour.  Perhaps they are unable to enjoy the activities they used to enjoy.  There may be greater changes in behaviour.

Sometimes, a child may find it impossible to share their Worries with those closest to them.  If a child is unable to manage their Worries, their Wellbeing may be affected. 

The Worry Wizard uses proven therapeutic techniques to help support a child’s Wellbeing and help them develop tools to manage their Worries and build a positive sense of self.

Life can feel very difficult.  A child’s smile may turn upside down.  A child may feel that Worry has removed fun from their day.  Before long, a child may feel stuck with their Worries, lonely and lost.

The Worry Wizard is not intended to replace services which are there for children who are most in need, children who are facing huge difficulties with their mental health or emotional wellbeing. 

Great way of exploring your child's wellbeing with them and gives you 'tools' to help you with Worries in the future.

Amy Smythe is an accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists with over fifteen years’ experience in both private practice and the charity sector.  
In 2007 she founded the Centre For Counselling, which offers short and long-term counselling and psychotherapy to adults, families and particularly children either at her consulting rooms or in schools.  She also coordinated a young persons’ advocacy service) and worked within a counselling team at a local hospice.  She has supported vulnerable children in a variety of settings including secure psychiatric units, children’s homes and young offender institutions.  


Since 2013 she has provided counselling to Reuben’s Retreat; a charity supporting bereaved families throughout the UK.

Amy offers a limited number of private counselling sessions to children and families in her counselling rooms in Chester, UK.

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