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Together we can positively impact children's mental health.


Help Children Move From Worries to Wellbeing


We want to ensure The Worry Wizard offers everyone trying to support a child's mental health with a soft place to land.  When a child you care about is struggling with their mental health and Wellbeing, the last thing you want to discover is that all available support is locked behind a payment gate.

Thanks to generous friends and supporters who believe in our work, The Worry Wizard is creating wonderful therapeutic content that will be available to everyone.  

We're so grateful to all our wonderful supporters who help to make our mission possible.  Here are just a few of our Champions


We have the support of some incredible companies, charities, foundations and individuals who are choosing to stand right by our side.  An old proverb says 'it takes a village to raise a child'.  We believe it takes a Community to help their Wellbeing shine.  Thank you so much for being part of ours.  Together, we've got this. 


“I know I will have Worries but now I have tools to manage them. It feels AMAZING!”  Kai, age 10.

Get in touch and discover how, together, we can help people like Kai uncover their potential to manage their Worries and support their Wellbeing.

Being part of The Worry Wizard allows you a unique opportunity to nurture emotional connection between children, young people and adults enabling the move from Worries to Wellbeing.

“As soon as we heard about The Worry Wizard we wanted to help make it accessible to children.  It's been a pleasure to work with Amy and to fund Worry Wizard animated videos, that can be used in schools across the U.K. and beyond."  



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