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Wellbeing Greeting Cards are the perfect way to celebrate your child's great stories.  Each card offers an exciting and unique way for you to help your child understand the 10 Wellbeing Qualities that The Worry Wizard believes support Wellbeing whilst celebrating the moments your child shows these qualities.


At The Worry Wizard®, we believe that when children are supported to recognise their great stories, they are able to believe in themselves which helps their Wellbeing shine.  


Help your child:


✔  to recognise their great stories

✔  to believe in themselves

✔  to make their Wellbeing shine


You will receive 1 of each of the following Wellbeing Greeting Cards:


✔  Action

✔  Belief

✔  Community

✔  Compassion

✔  Courage

✔  Curiosity

✔  Empathy

✔  Gratitude

✔  Imagination

✔  Laughter


Please note:


✔  Postage & Packaging included (UK Mainland Only)

Wellbeing Greeting Cards - Pack of 10

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