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Every good story must begin somewhere...


One Super Important


A Writing Desk


A Very Lovely Pen.


This story begins when my Godson Jack found his Courage to share his Worries with his teacher.  Jack told me that our chats helped him to do this. He told me I am

The Worry Wizard.


“Worry Wizards stop Worries growing too big. Then, they tell other people about how they did it, so that those people can stop their Worries growing too big too,” Jack said. 


So The Worry Wizard was born and I realised I already knew lots of Worry Wizards.  I meet amazing children and young people every day who get curious about how to stop their Worries growing too big and learn how to support their Wellbeing.  


I made this Super Important Promise to Jack,

“I will write down all the amazing things I am taught by all the Worry Wizards I meet. Then, I will find the most fun ways to share this with other children, young people and the adults who care for them.”


I've been busy.  Here I am, sitting at my writing desk where I get to use my very lovely pen.  This desk used to belong to my Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine (yes, my Grandparents share their names with Charlie Bucket’s Grandparents in ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’!).


(Here they are xx)

My Grandparents will have written lovely things at this desk.  It feels the perfect place to write down gentle, fun and imaginative ways to help support children’s mental health.

Portrait Combination.png

I’m not alone.  The Worry Wizard is a  small but mighty team of adults working together to creatively impact children’s mental health.  We’re all set to make sure I keep my Super Important Promise to Jack.


We’re so excited to introduce The Worry Wizard Worldwide Wellbeing Postal Service.  This magical postal service sends special post to children all around the world with one intent - to nurture emotional connection between you and your child and offer you gentle, fun and imaginative ways to support their Wellbeing.


Whether you’re here (the UK), there (rest of Europe) or everywhere (rest of the world), the Postmaster General and her able assistant Rory are working hard to make sure The Worry Wizard's post reaches your child.  Together, we can help your child recognise their great stories, believe in themselves and make their Wellbeing shine!

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