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It is so important we support our children to understand what Wellbeing is and how to look after it.  The Worry Wizard's 'What is my Wellbeing?' leaflet offers a beautifully simple way to introduce Wellbeing to your child or the children in your care.  It explains why Wellbeing is important and explores what you need to do to feel comfortable enough to get on with your daily life.  This 8 page, simple leaflet, packed with wonderful illustrations, will equip you to begin to open essential conversations about Wellbeing with your child.


Our 'What is my Wellbeing?' leaflet works equally well at home or in a school setting.  It helps adults and children to begin to develop a shared language to support Worries and Wellbeing.


At The Worry Wizard®, we believe it is essential that children are supported to know their great stories.  Included in your post, we will send you an 'Action' Wellbeing Greeting Card.  This is the perfect card to share with your child once you have read 'What is my Wellbeing?' together.  It offers an exciting and unique way to celebrate your child getting active with their Wellbeing.





What is my Wellbeing? - Leaflet + Wellbeing Greeting Card

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