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Do you know who else loves you? How to help your child feel loved.

Sometimes it surprises me how quickly a child’s emotional world can tumble. My littlest, whose boldness usually coats him wherever he goes, has had a series of accidental knocks during playtimes at school but the last one hurt and scared him. Watching his swift descent from bold sunshine warrior to tentative velcro companion has been a surprise. Difficult bedtimes, troubled nights, tricky partings. Freud’s words ring so true today. For he’s back on the path to bold sunshine warrior. Part of my work is to support parents that when things feel difficult don’t step out, step in. When things feel difficult don’t love less, love more. So bedtimes have been filled with the game, “Do you know who else loves you?...”. It always starts with key players. Eg “Yes, Mummy loves you...”. Start with people they may expect. But, when times are tough it’s worth carrying on. And on. Last night I amazed myself with some of names I came up with 🤦🏻‍♀️. Bold is worth striving for you though so sometimes you have to dig deep ✨

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