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A little bit of wonderful...

This quote really resonates for me right now. In this unprecedented time it feels there are new and mighty pressures circulating - e.g. home education. But the main reason we have been handed our children back isn’t to educate them, it’s to keep them and others safe. So, rather than placing new pressures upon ourselves, my focus is on breathing deep and loving my closest tightly. I hope we can all find ways to unhook from the swirling pressures that exist to ‘make our children wonderful’ and instead allow ourselves (amidst the chaos and worry and not knowing) to help them see their wonderful. And, maybe even, in the midst of everything, to allow that we may also be a little bit wonderful to be standing right by their sides when none of this is easy (and hiding can sometimes seem a good option 🤦🏻‍♀️). Take good care, Amy ✨ #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #TheWorryWizardLoves #stayathome #inthistogether

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