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How To Connect Emotionally With Your Child.

When your child is struggling with Worries and seems to be drawing further and further away from you, you can feel consumed by your ache for connection. If you find yourself in a moment of connection, the urge to ‘achieve’ as much as possible can be overwhelming; ‘What is going on for you?’ ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘What are you thinking?’ Have you tried doing this?’ I am acutely aware of this urge. I am writing my Wellbeing Programme for Bigfoot Arts Education - HQ at the moment. As I write I keep being transported back to the summer of 1987; the glorious summer that Scott and Charlene got married in Neighbours (is anyone old enough to remember?)! A song called ‘Suddenly’ by Angry Anderson was catapulted to the top of the charts. A lyric from that song keeps spinning around my head, ‘Suddenly you’re hearing me so I’m talking just as fast as I can to you.’ I understand it. I am driven to try and cram everything I’ve ever been taught by every amazing child I’ve worked with in to this programme. Then I stop. Because this is the very opposite of what I have been taught. Children don’t want to be bombarded by ‘useful information’. Rather, they want to be supported and inspired to feel curious about themselves. To be in a safe space where they are able to connect with themselves and with others and, within this connection, explore new thoughts, feelings and ways of doing things. So I smile and remind myself that my work is to do the very opposite of what Angry Anderson did! Little did I know that what I sang repeatedly, loudly, and off key, at 9 years of age, would help me with my work many many years later!! I wonder if you recognise this urge? I wonder if you feel the need to google Angry Anderson?! #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #curiosity #connection #Wellbeing #neighbours

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