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The Limits of a Child's World 🌎

"Having access to the right words changes everything." Brené Brown 💚🌎.

When your child is struggling, and you’re trying to help them, their ability to communicate their needs to you is critical 💞.

There are so many words to learn 🔡.

I know it can be painful to hear your child say certain words. I have sat with many parents who have told their child not to use particular words to explain their emotional world 💚🌎.

I feel differently. We don’t want our children’s ability to communicate their emotional world to be limited. We don’t want it to be restricted by the notion of ‘good’ words ✅ and ‘bad’ words ❌.

I remember my excitement when I first heard my child express jealousy.

“They had a hot dog 🌭 with onions 🧅 and ketchup 🍅 and I was jealous. I wanted a hot dog 🌭. It’s bad I was jealous.”

As they named the emotion that had been gnawing inside their tummy, I felt such relief. I was able to share that I would have been hugely jealous too if someone had a hot dog with ketchup and I didn’t - because I would have been! - and I watched them exhale.

It feels important to celebrate our children learning and using new words as each new word increases their ability to navigate their emotional world, to recognise and understand their needs, to communicate them and to have them met 🎉🔡🎊.

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