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♥️Always Remember How Much You Are Loved ♥️

I thought I would share with you a photograph of my mirror. When I saw it today, I smiled. This mirror has travelled far and wide with me over many years. It may be a little worse for wear but the love that inspired its purchase isn’t! It is really important for a child to know that they are important to someone. To know and feel that they are loved and to be secure in the knowledge that someone is holding them in mind, even when they are not physically together. Sometimes we forget all the many and varied people who love us. Sometimes we only focus on those we see frequently, those with ‘official family titles’ or people who are geographically close to us. At bedtime tonight you could try asking your child, “Tell me the name of someone who loves you?” Then you could ask the same question again, and again. With slightly older children you may want to extend this by giving them clues as to the person you are thinking of and they can try and guess. Bedtime can quickly become a place filled with Worries and uncomfortable feelings. Working instead to connect with all the love that surrounds you can put those Worries firmly in their place and immerse you instead in feelings of love, connection, security. #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #Wellbeing #love #connection #Worries #activity

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