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An Important Game Of Spot The Difference

Some thoughts are so tricky right now. I am chatting with lots of young people who are spending so much time alone at the moment, outside of all their familiar structures, and their thoughts are being given free reign. If you have a compassionate relationship with yourself then allowing your thoughts free reign may be safe. But, for many of the young people I am supporting, many of the thoughts they are sharing are hate filled.

Please try and support your young people to play ‘spot the difference’ with their thoughts. Self improvement vs hate filled - can you spot the difference? Once you start listening, hate filled thoughts will struggle to hide. We can all notice things about ourselves we would like to improve (gently, in time, when it is right for you) but please also work hard to notice all the things you do value about yourself. And, if you can’t, try and grab a moment (text, online, in person - however - we have to be creative right now) with someone you trust and ask them to tell you something they value about you. Don’t delay. You may not be able to recognise the thing they value about you but play their words over and over (and over and over and over) in your head. Remember, this is someone you trust. Trust them in this too.

I am thinking of all the young people who are struggling with their thoughts right now. I’m right here. Rooting for you. And ready for a game of ‘spot the difference’ whenever you are. #wevegotthis #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #selfcompassion #activity #spotthedifference #trust

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