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Anxiety - It’s Time to Chat.

The words we use are powerful and have the ability to change our thoughts 💭, our feelings 💚 and our actions 🧰.

The Psychologist Karen Young says that ‘the way we talk about anxiety won’t be the whole story, but it matters. It has to be part of any response.’

At The Worry Wizard® we use illustration ✏️ and story 📕 to help adults and children open gentle and honest conversations about mental health and Wellbeing 💬.  Why not use this illustration as a basis to share a chat with your child about anxiety 💚.  You can get Curious and wonder *together* about some, or all, of the conversation starters below.


❓ What do you notice in this drawing?

❓What do you think about it?


❓What is the difference between a warning and a stop sign?

❓ Feelings are not static. They change. If you think of anxiety as a feeling that can and will change, how will that affect how you think about it, how you feel about it and what you choose to do about it?


💬 Always remember, a fun-filled five minute chat is better than a laboured, difficult half hour 💙.


For more information on anxiety I recommend @heysigmund and her selection of books including ‘Hey Warrior’.  I’d love to hear any recommendations you have or what you do to help your anxiety.

Let’s start conversations with our children that help them to feel curious about their mental health and deepen their understanding of what it is and how to support it, Amy✨

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