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Doubt Is Not My Best Friend

Doubt can be a tricky companion. Many of the children and young people I work with struggle to shrug it off. I think sometimes we spend so long (sooooo loooong) teaching children good manners that we can forget to tell them there are key times when good manners are absolutely not appropriate. Difficult thoughts, for example, they never deserve good manners. Instead, they require a firm tone, strict boundaries and a Paddington style hard stare; difficult thoughts need to be reminded who is in charge of them - repeatedly. This year I have been aware of Doubt’s companionship. The Worry Wizard is ready to help children’s Wellbeing shine; it simply requires me to go out and share this work (it’s been beautifully comfortable keeping it to myself!). Doubt decided to show up. Just as I teach the children and young people I support, I knew I needed to get active with it. ‘These are my thoughts, therefore I’m in charge of them.’ The researcher and storyteller Brene Brown suggests assigning seats in the arena of your life for all your critics; inviting them in, knowing they’re there and then carrying on regardless. So I’ve given Doubt a seat. And contrary to what Doubt told me, I am meeting wonderful people who are passionate about supporting children’s mental health and who understand how The Worry Wizard can play a role in this. It is the best of discoveries. Thank you to everyone who is helping with this. It is a pleasure to say, ‘Guess what Doubt, yet again, you’re wrong!’ (Ps it can be lots of fun throwing good manners out the window and practising speaking to difficult thoughts in a firm tone 😉✨) #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #WatchOutWorries #Wellbeing #doubt

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