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Feelings are not logical...who knew?

And this is an important fact. Many of the children and young people (and adults) I work with search for ‘logical explanations’ for their feelings. “Why do I feel this way?“. Sometimes, adults try to help their child find a logical explanation for their feelings or, perhaps, suggest ‘a more logical feeling’ to feel in the situation. “Rather than feeling ..., you should try to feel ...or I would feel...” The problem is, it is highly unlikely you’ll find a logical explanation for your feelings. Because feelings are not logical. They just are. And, if you search for logic and can’t find it, however hard you look, you can be left wondering if there’s something wrong with the way you feel about things. “Maybe my emotional world can’t be trusted? The people I trust the most think I should feel differently. How can I possibly trust myself when the adults I trust think my feelings are all wrong?” But, remember, feelings are not logical. Our Curiosity is wasted looking for logic. Instead, try using your amazing Curiosity to notice how you’re feeling (then stop 🛑) before gently questioning, “How can I support myself with this feeling?” I’d love to hear your thoughts ✨ #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek #FindYourBrave #feelings

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