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I wonder if...

I wonder if you find yourself struggling at the moment to articulate your thoughts and feelings? I know I am. The same is horribly true for our children and young people. I don’t believe that supporting your child’s emotional world is about ‘telling them how they’re feeling’ but, sometimes, when life events are big and difficult, they may simply not be able to articulate their experience. These three words can help, “I wonder if...”. You can share your ‘wondering’ with your child, for example, “I wonder if it feels a bit all over the place at the minute?” And, if you’re genuinely wondering, curious, not sure, it can offer your child a springboard to join you. Your wonderings may be wrong, right or wrong isn’t important here, what matters is that you demonstrate a genuine curiosity to understand your child’s emotional world. This genuine curiosity may just nudge their own and help them begin to understand, and then hopefully support, their emotional world. I wonder if these three words open up a new conversation pathway for you and your child?

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