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Loving yourself more 💙...

Last year I sat with so many children who struggled to know any reason why they could love themselves 💙. Here at The Worry Wizard we are all set for 2022 ✨. We've got big plans and most of them centre around supporting children and young people to discover their magic and love themselves more 🪄.⁣ We would love you to join us . As my favourite train conductor on The Polar Express🚂asks , "Well? You coming?"⁣ - Thank you to @natlue for this beautiful image.⁣ Image: Embroidered hoop art with embroidered text ‘What if your only resolution this year was to love yourself more?’ with an embroidered black woman in a yellow top. Made by Natalie Lue. Hoop art is on a confetti pattern background.

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