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'My Wellbeing Fun Pack!' - helping to spread Wellbeing shine.

My car 🚗 is packed full of Wellbeing shine 🌟 ready to be delivered to Nugent Adoption to support the vital work they do with families.

At The Worry Wizard®, we continually seek creative ways to support all children to engage with their Wellbeing, so they feel better able to support it. We also seek to nurture emotional connection between children and their key adults so, together, they develop a shared language to support Worries and Wellbeing.

‘My Wellbeing Fun Pack!’ is a brand-new Worry Wizard therapeutic offer. Comprising of 5 separate unique pieces of Worry Wizard post, ‘My Wellbeing Fun Pack!’ is jam packed with activities that have two key purposes. To strengthen your confidence to support your child’s Wellbeing and to encourage your child to discover new ways to engage with their Wellbeing whilst building tools to support it.

We are really excited about this new way of working and all the people who have come together to enable it to happen. Thanks to generous funding from The Blue Sky Foundation, help from the Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside, and support from Financial Planning Corporation, we are delivering the final boxes for our ‘My Wellbeing Fun Pack!’ to Nugent.

As always, if you want to know more about our work, please get in touch. We love to share a chat 💬 💙 .

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