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Noticing Your Special Stories - Tie A Ribbon On It!

A very special someone has just reminded me of this and shared that this heart still sits in her bedroom to remind her of all she is when she struggles to remember. So, to mark the end of Mental Health Foundation #mentalhealthawarenessweek I thought Iā€™d reshare. Hope you notice something special about yourself today šŸŽ€. When your self esteem is on the floor it can be difficult/impossible to spot the things about you that make you special. Sometimes I talk about trying to notice something that makes you special and, when you do, tying a bow on it in your imagination. But, if your self esteem is very low, that beautifully imagined bow can quickly fade and you can be back to seeing only the worthless, meaningless nothings that you feel define you as a person. Sometimes you need a physical reminder. A very special person shared this heart today. Every time they worked to notice something special about them self this week, they knotted a pretty ribbon to the heart. However much their thoughts were trying to convince them that they are worthless, the pretty ribbons argued a different story. The knots made me think of love knot rings which are used as an emblem of love. It can be such an uncomfortable idea to love yourself but noticing things about yourself that make you special might be slightly more possible.

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