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Time To Get Active And Help Your Wellbeing Shine!

It is really lovely to welcome you here.  We hope you stop for a while!

This is me...

and this is me as

The Worry Wizard!

Have you read about my Super Important Promise? (You can read about it here)

Let me tell you what happened next (and is still happening right now!)

Just as I promised Jack, I became The Worry WIzard (We're having so much fun!).

Jack and I have been finding tools that help to stop Worries growing TOO BIG.

We're both learning so much.  And each time we learn something, we tell each other.

We write a letter.  Sharing all the tools we have found and the fab things we're learning.


Very Exciting Fact!  We're not the only ones trying to find tools that help stop Worries.

We've met lots of other people who are doing this too.

So now my handbag and Jack's toolbox are overflowing with tools.


Jack and I, and ALL the other Worry Wizards, want you to join in.  We're in this together.

Let's find tools to help with your Worries & get curious about Wellbeing.  We've got this!


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Lovely Things People Have Said

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