Together we can help your school's Wellbeing shine!


We're Building A Magical Community.  We Want Your School To Be Part Of It.

We’re working with wonderful schools across the UK to positively impact the Wellbeing of their entire school Community.  If you’re seeking to support long-term, meaningful change in your pupils’ mental health, The Worry Wizard would love to hear from you.

Introducing Wellbeing – The Worry Wizard Programme for Primary School Children.


A low input, high impact entry level programme. 

Introducing Wellbeing is designed to be used without

any need for external facilitation.


for large or

small classes


for group work


for virtual use

Together, your whole school Community will embark on an exciting journey to understand what Wellbeing is and how you can support it.

"Having The Worry Wizard in my daughter's school has been amazing.  Not only does it help her at school but it's helping us at home as she come home excited telling us about the exciting things she's doing at school then it helps us all as we are talking about it as a family.  Family time with well-being included, just perfect."


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What is included?


Whole school fully animated assembly


Lesson plans with extension activity ideas + brand-new Wellbeing activity every month during term time, our 'Monthly Freebie'


Fully illustrated classroom slides

Classroom display pack


Videos for both pupils and teachers

Parental Engagement - Introduction letter and Homefun activity


‘How To Make Your Wellbeing Shine!’ A1 poster


Jack and The Worry Wizard storybook


Personalised Wellbeing Greeting Card from The Worry Wizard (sent after completion of the programme)

"I've already seen a big difference in children being willing to talk about their worries.  I'm aware of at least 3 examples of children (quite shy children) who have shared really important worries that they may not have done without the Worry Wizard - it's brilliant!"


Packed with everything your school needs to offer your pupils a gentle, fun and imaginative exploration of Wellbeing.  View our latest Evaluation Report here.

Why Our Work Matters.  (To find out even more click here)

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Schools are increasingly being urged to prioritise Wellbeing.  The Worry Wizard provides schools with a comprehensive, structured and creative approach designed to improve the Wellbeing of the entire school Community.  To bring the magical world of The Worry Wizard in to your classroom using our Wellbeing resources click here.

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Rather than placing adults in the position of expert, the Therapeutic Approach of The Worry Wizard encourages adults to journey alongside a child.  Teachers are invited to join WITH their class as, TOGETHER, they embark on an adventure to develop an active relationship with their Wellbeing.


The Worry Wizard supports children and adults to develop a shared language to explore Worries and Wellbeing in school, at home and in the Community.  When all key adults around a child are supported to gain a greater insight in to the child's emotional world, they are better equipped to help them to support it.

The Worry Wizard Helps Inspire In Children An Endless Curiosity In Their Wellbeing Underpinned By An Active Determination To Support It.


If you are seeking to creatively impact the Wellbeing of your school Community, we would love you to get in touch.  The Worry Wizard is working with schools, across the country, to develop and deliver unique Wellbeing events specifically created to impact the Wellbeing of individual (and groups of) schools.  We would love to explore with you how we can support you to do the same.