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Our animation, with accompanying adult toolkit, will help guide and support adults and young children, in a gentle way, through conversations about grief and loss.


Children & Young People

‘Together Not Alone’ is The Worry Wizard’s
animation project featuring original music from Grammy Award Winner, 
Amy Wadge.

It is a free-to-all resource designed to provide Children and Adults with a gentle and imaginative way to explore key themes in grief and loss.  We hope it will help to nurture emotional connection between you and your child or the children in your care.


"Hello there!  Amy, Founder and Chief Storyteller, here.  I would like to make a special request of all the adults before you watch our story, 'Together Not Alone.'  Please download the toolkit that accompanies this animation below...


1). The Toolkit is packed with guidance to let you know how best to use our story to support you and your child or the children in your care. 
2) The Toolkit is filled with activities for you and your child to enjoy together. 
3) In the Toolkit I explain why I have written the story the way that I have.  Understanding this will help you and your child to move safely within it.
I would ask you not to show this animation to your child until you have read the Toolkit.
Thankyou and Wellbeing wishes,
Amy, The Worry Wizard."

2. Watch 'Together Not Alone' Here...

Together Not Alone and accompanying Toolkit have both been made possible due to generous funding provided by The Cheshire Community FoundationIn partnership with the wonderful charities, Reuben's Retreat and Rose's Way Foundationsupported by the brilliant Young Storyhouse.

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