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Together we can help your child's Wellbeing shine!

Parents & Carers

Time To Pull Up A Chair And Grab A Cuppa! (Mine's a Hot Chocolate)

Gentle chats from the chair with The Worry Wizard offering ideas for adults and children to support their mental health and Wellbeing.

Sometimes, in my work, it feels there's an enormous pressure to 'make our children wonderful'.  The Worry Wizard is not about 'making' your child anything. 


The Worry Wizard offers a soft landing place for parents and carers who want to learn more about Worries and Wellbeing.  Together, in this gentle, fun and imaginative space, we nurture emotional connection between you and your child, enabling the move from Worries to Wellbeing. 

Key to this is supporting the development of a shared language to explore Worries and Wellbeing.  We hope you find much on these pages for you and your child; so pull up a chair, take a moment and have a read, together.    

Free Wellbeing Activity

Parents - Free Wellbeing Activity

Join The Worry Wizard as she reads, 'Jack and The Worry Wizard'.

Then, download a free Wellbeing activity fun sheet for you both to complete, together...

Offering therapeutic support to parents and carers to support their child's mental health and Wellbeing

The Worry Wizard Worldwide Wellbeing Postal Service

Sending Wellbeing Shine Around The World! 

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Time For A Story?

The Worry Wizard is packed with stories.  Engaging with stories is a safe and familiar activity for children.  It is easier to explore the thoughts, feelings and actions of a character in a story than it is to explore your own.  Learning about others who face similar struggles to you and help themselves move to a more comfortable place, introduces the idea that things could get better for you just as it did for the character in the story.



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We're Building A Magical, Supportive Community.  We'd Love You To Join Us.

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The Worry Wizard is right by your side to help you and your child gain a greater understanding of their emotional world so that, together, you can better support it.

If You're Seeking Help For Your Child, These Contacts Can Help You. 

  • Shout (24/7 text service for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere) - text YM to 85258

  • Young Minds Parents Helpline - 0808 802 5544
  • Beat (Eating Disorder Helpline) - 0808 801 0711
  • Kooth (free, safe and anonymous online counselling for young people) -
  • Childline - 0800 1111

'Chats From The Chair' With The Worry Wizard

Gentle chats about Worries and Wellbeing for adults and children to watch, together.

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