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2023 - let’s start as we mean to go on…KIND!

Kind words delivered inside our homes 💛🏡.

This Christmas I was struck by the moments people chose to use their platform to share kind words 🤗.

I finished 2022, possibly like many of you, a little bit overfull of horrid news stories, or acts of unkindness I heard about in the wider world or experienced in my own smaller world. It felt like my world needed to become really small to make it kind again.

But there were a number of moments over the festive season that helped me choose to regrow my world 🌍 📈.

I’m sharing Hamza’s words here in case you didn’t hear his speech when he won Strictly Come Dancing 2022 🪩. His words meant so much to me. And to know they were being shared on prime time television, to people of all ages; that meant a lot too.

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ - Let’s show this year how kind sounds, what kind does and how kind feels.

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