We’re working with wonderful schools across the UK to positively impact the Wellbeing of their entire school Community.  If you’re seeking to support long-term, meaningful change in your pupils’ mental health, The Worry Wizard would love to hear from you.


Introducing Wellbeing – The Worry Wizard Programme for Primary School Children.


Worries over children’s mental health are growing…The Worry Wizard is getting active.  We’d love you to join us.  The Worry Wizard is on a mission to nurture emotional connection between children, young people and adults enabling the move from Worries to Wellbeing. 


Our Introducing Wellbeing Programme for Primary School Children is packed with everything schools need to offer their pupils; a gentle, fun and imaginative exploration of Wellbeing.  This is designed as a low input, high impact entry programme which can be experienced without external facilitation in large or small classes and even virtually.  Together, your whole school Community will embark on an exciting journey to understand what Wellbeing is and how you can support it. 


How does this program support children’s mental health?


Providing a comprehensive, structured and creative approach, the ‘Introducing Wellbeing’ programme is designed to improve the Wellbeing of the entire school community by:


  • Increasing emotional literacy
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Fostering a positive sense of self
  • Developing tools that help to manage Worries
  • Celebrating qualities that make Wellbeing shine!
  • Creating a shared language to explore Worries and build Wellbeing


Rather than placing adults in the position of expert, the Therapeutic Approach of The Worry Wizard encourages adults to journey alongside a child.  Teachers are provided with EVERYTHING they need to join WITH their class as, TOGETHER, they embark on an adventure to develop an active relationship with their Wellbeing.


What is included?


  • Whole school fully animated assembly
  • Lesson plans with extension activity ideas
  • Fully illustrated classroom slides
  • Parental Engagement - Introduction letter and Homefun activity
  • Films for both pupils and teachers
  • ‘How To Make Your Wellbeing Shine!’ A1 poster
  • Jack and The Worry Wizard storybook
  • Personalised Wellbeing Greeting Card from The Worry Wizard (sent after completion of the programme)


Purchasing the Programme


  • Purchase licence
  • Immediate access to all online resources and welcome pack sent to school
  • Pupils share learning with The Worry Wizard at completion of programme and receive a personalised response in return


£250 per school per year.


For schools outside the UK, please contact us at: theworrywizard@theworrywizard.com



Introducing Wellbeing - The Worry Wizard Programme for Primary School Children