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Developing Our Support for Bereaved Families

Today we join together to develop our work to support children and their families when someone they love dies.

“Grief is very lonely…when you start talking to other people, you suddenly start understanding it and you feel less alone.” Michael Rosen.

Today we deliver our special Funshop, “Here for You”, for the very first time to bereaved families at Reuben’s Retreat. Using our short animation, ‘Together Not Alone’, as our starting point, and combining it with lots of gentle, fun and imaginative activities, we will seek to share open and honest conversations about grief and loss.

The National Association of Funeral Directors are leading a campaign to encourage age-appropriate conversations about loss and bereavement. We recognise how important this is and, how, when children are offered time and space and the right support to do this, it can be truly transformative.

‘Together Not Alone’, is The Worry Wizard’s animation project, generously funded by the Cheshire Community Foundation. Working in collaboration with the wonderful charities Reuben’s Retreat and Rose’s Way Foundation, supported by the brilliant Young Storyhouse and with original music by Grammy Award Winner, Amy Wadge, our animation and Toolkit is designed to inspire lots of questions for children and their key adults to wonder about, together. Thank you so much to Tameside and Glossop NHS and Council for supporting this brand-new way of working and to Bigfoot Arts Education for joining us today to ensure our families receive the very best support.

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