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Everyone Cries...

Everyone cries. It is the body's natural response to many different thoughts, feelings and events. Full stop🛑.

It's men's health week. I am not sure the message 'it is okay to cry' has landed. The idea that it is somehow not okay to cry, is so deeply entrenched. I wonder if we need to change the narrative.

In my work, whenever I have shared 'it is okay to cry', I usually hear a list of reasons why it is not. So, I have moved to something more factual.

Everyone cries.

Because they do.

🥲We need to be okay with the fact that everyone cries.

🥲For boys and men to feel able to cry with others.

🥲For boys to see men crying with other men and for them to witness that it is okay. Because everyone cries.

🥲For boys and men not to feel they need to take their emotion inwards, or away from, those around them.

I wonder what you think,


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