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Fear😧, in all it’s might, can be so debilitating🛑.

I know that lots of children are currently feeling the fear about important transitions in their lives, such as the transition from primary to high school🏫➡️🏫. I want to share with you some of the conversations I have with my fear in case they help you in the chats you are having💬 .

I recently felt fear, as I do whenever I’m asked to speak in front of a group of people. Nothing seems to calm the spiky swirls of heart racing terror that accompany this activity. I’m 💯 aware that my fear is in no way proportionate to the activity. The people I spoke in front of were lovely, just as I knew they would be. Yet, still, my thoughts were trying to find every possible option that would allow me to avoid the ‘dreaded’ event I felt so afraid of 😳. If I were to share with you the many and various ways my thoughts told me to avoid this event, you would probably smile, my thoughts can be creative!

In the end, I reached a very familiar pact with my fear 🤝.

🤗 I thanked it for trying to look out for me. I realise that fear can play a vital role in spotting potential dangers on my path through life. But I let it know, gently but firmly, that listening to it on this occasion wouldn’t be the right thing for me to do. Regardless of the volume my fear reached, (and goodness me is it loud!), I assured it that I would not be avoiding this event.

👂🏻 I reassured it that I will always begin by listening to what it has to say; sometimes fears are wise and deserve listening to, they may alert me to a real danger. But I assured my fear that it had not spotted a potential danger in this case, because it hadn’t.

🚫 I reminded it that by listening to its demands, which were to avoid speaking at the event at all costs, I would find it even harder to do this the next time.

🙏🏻 And then I promised myself, “Amy, if you find the Courage to keep trying, even when you feel afraid, I will show you gratitude. I am so proud of you for being a person who feels the fear and does it anyway. I know this is difficult for you, but I am so glad you don’t let difficult stop you.”

There’s more I can share in a later post. Fear is difficult. Don’t rush. This feels enough to start with 🕰️.

💙Please share this with anyone facing a transition or something else that is making them feel fearful. Maybe, if they’d like to, they could try saying my pact out loud. It is not about making your fear go away. It is simply about letting your fear know that you are in charge of what you do, not ‘IT’!

🌎✨One of the most important things about fear is to know you are not alone. Please lean into our Worry Wizard Community and all the other Communities you are part of and allow the strength and safety you find there to flow through you.


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