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You are Tree-mendous 🌳

We are so fortunate to walk alongside incredible children who want to share with us their brilliant ideas on how to get active and support their Wellbeing 💫. This is what happens when you ignite a child’s Curiosity in their Wellbeing.

Here is one of the winning entries to our ‘Sticker Design Competition 2023’ 🏆. This competition was one (of many!) ways we helped to ignite children’s Curiosity in their Wellbeing last year. We asked children in our Worry Wizard schools to help us design brand-new Wellbeing shine stickers to send out to children to help celebrate them. Each of our winners received special Worry Wizard post, celebrating them and their sticker design 💌🌍💫. We had so many gorgeous entries, trying to choose our winners was not an easy job, but it is easy to see why this ‘treemendous’ entry was a winner.

Since our competition, we’ve let many children know that they are treemendous. Because they are!

I wonder, is there someone you know who is treemendous? Share our fabulous Wellbeing Shine Sticker with them and make their day!


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