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Be Kind - Anti-Bullying Week

My work with children and young people frequently reminds me that whilst being a good friend is an essential life skill, it is not something we are born knowing. I know I am still learning. It is imperative we support children and young people to #BeKind to others but it is equally imperative we are kind to children and young people in the moments when they stumble in their relationships. When we choose to stand right by their side as they recover from their stumble, (gently helping them unpick the moments things went wrong, exploring with them what they think may have happened, how the other person may have felt, what they might choose to do differently next time), and remain right by their side as they try to put this learning in to practise, helping them to recover from their stumble they, in turn, can help those impacted by their stumble to do the same. Being kind can be transformative; we’re in this together. #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #antibullyingweek #Empathy #together #BeKind

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