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Share the LOVE

Top of today’s to do list 📋. Share the love 💙🩵💛🧡💚🩷.


I’ve had so much love shared with me during my time off. It has meant the world 🌍 to me and helped my Wellbeing to keep on shining ✨.


Here’s to our brilliant Worry Wizard who understands the magic of sharing the love and used their sticker design entry to encourage us to keep doing it.


I wonder, is there someone you would like to share the love with today? Share this blog with them and make their day!




(This beautiful design is one of the winning entries of our 'Sticker Design Competition 2023' 🏆. This competition was one (of many!) ways we helped to ignite children's Curiosity in their Wellbeing last year.)


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