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The Importance of Belonging

A sense of belonging is a human need, just as we need food and shelter .

Feeling that you belong helps you to see the value in you and your life and helps you to cope with difficult or uncomfortable feelings.

Feeling you are alone is so very painful. Feeling you are connected to others may not take away all your difficulties, but it does provide comfort and support. You have something or someone to lean into.

Time for a Chat

A simple way to impact your child’s sense of belonging is to draw your child’s attention to the communities they are part of. Feeling a sense of belonging is not determined by the number of communities you are part of, it is impacted by the quality of connection you find there. Support your child to notice these connections. E.g. “When I took you to your classroom today, I noticed your teacher’s face lit up when he saw you. He looked so glad to see you. Even his eyes were smiling. Did you notice that?” Or “I love how you’ve played football for the same team for ten years now. Since you were just five. There are so many moments I remember across the years. Moments you’ve shared with all your teammates. Moments when they’ve been important to you, and also moments you’ve been important to them. Can you think of any stories you have about being part of your team. I can share one first if you’d like me to.”

Brene Brown tells us not to walk through the world looking for confirmation that we don’t belong as we will always find it. Instead, it can be helpful to actively look for confirmation that you do,


This beautiful design is one of the winning entries of our 'Sticker Design Competition 2023' . This competition was one (of many!) ways we helped to ignite children's Curiosity in their Wellbeing last year.

I wonder, is there someone important to you that you would like to share this important message with. Share our fabulous Wellbeing Shine Sticker with them and make their day!

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