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Following the Wibbly Wobbly Path

I spend a lot of time with young people questioning the idea that there is only one path in life, the straight path to happiness (the straight path to happiness = GCSEs, ‘A’ levels, Degree, career in which you progress higher and higher until a happy retirement). Today, the other path, the non straight path, was given a lovely name, the wibbly wobbly path. Today it felt lovely to think about the wibbly wobbly path and realise that it’s not only a real path but that it can be filled with possibility and may even prove a better path to journey along. Here’s to the wibbly wobbly path. May we all spend time telling our children about it ✨ #TheWorryWizard #fromWorriestoWellbeing #wibblywobblypath #imonthewibblywobblypath

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