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Hope...the most precious possession of all...

I wanted to say hello to everyone who has recently joined The Worry Wizard Community (and to those who’ve been here a while!); you are so welcome. The Worry Wizard is a Community that genuinely cares and supports each other in the firm knowledge that alone can be difficult whereas together can be so much better.

My name is Amy Smythe and I am Founder and Chief Storyteller at The Worry Wizard. The Worry Wizard is a name that was first given to me by my Godson, Jack. I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist determined to share the amazing things children and young people teach me about how to move from Worries to Wellbeing.

When I was searching for a photo to accompany this welcome, I happened across this childhood photo of me. I believe that every adult houses all their younger parts inside themselves; all their experiences, their thoughts, feelings, hopes... I wanted to share this younger version of me by way of an introduction. Younger me would be delighted to find out I’ve become a Wizard! I can’t be sure if this photo was taken when I was hoping to run a teddy bear hospital for teddies needing love and fixing or if I’d moved towards wanting to own my own ice cream van. What I can be sure of is that when this photo was taken I was lucky enough to hold lots of hope about my future. Hope is such a precious possession. Worries can leave a child feeling hopeless. Helping children to move from Worries to Wellbeing can ignite hope in a child’s life. For many of our children, there is so much work to do to help them achieve this. Our small but mighty team at The Worry Wizard is here to help every child on this journey; we’re so glad you’re joining us for the adventure. Please feel free to pop a hello below, It would be lovely to hear from you, Amy✨

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