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"If you see a situation differently..."

"If you see a behaviour differently, you see a different behaviour; if you see a situation differently, you see a different situation." Dr Karen Treisman.

I love this illustration by our Chief Doodler, Chay Hawes ✏️. It uses Dr Treisman's idea of a kaleidoscope, in which what we see constantly changes. We use this illustration in our transition work with Year 6 children. Our "Introducing Wellbeing" programme for primary age children includes transition lesson plans in which children are offered time and space to reflect on their thoughts and feelings about the move to secondary school. Our Worry Wizard illustrations offer great 'time to chat' moments.

💭Together, with your child, try thinking of all the question words and create a question about this illustration for each one.

Here are some ideas:

❓What - does this quote mean to you?

❓ Why - do you think The Worry Wizard thinks it is important?

❓How - could seeing a situation differently change the situation?

❓Can - you think of a story from your own life where you could try to do this?

You could try this at home 💙.

Let me know your thoughts, Amy✨

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