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One foot in the pain, one foot in the possibility...

There is such a high level of difficulty right now. Children’s mental health is really struggling. I’m asking the children and young people I support to notice what is occupying their thoughts and feelings, where are they are choosing to place their focus?

To help with this, I ask them to do a ‘foot check’. Where are you placing your feet? In the pain or in the possibility?

Sometimes you notice both your feet are deep in the pain. The pain occupies your thoughts, fuels your feelings. But...might it possible? Can you imagine? Lifting one of your feet and allowing it to step in to the possibility, the possibility of something different, something more comfortable. You might not even know what that ‘more comfortable’ is yet (which can make it so much harder). But, even without this knowledge, it is still possible to shift part of your focus out of the pain and in to the possibility. I wonder if you could try to do this? It can be the most beautiful moment when you do.

P.S. I’ve had to apologise (a lot) for how much I tickled these lovely feet whilst drawing these faces on 🤦🏻‍♀️♥️

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