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Our Wellbeing Shine Champions - a reason to smile!

Today is World Smile Day and what better way to mark this than with our wonderful Wellbeing Shine Champions at Millbrook Primary School🏆✨.

If you look closely you will see them each proudly wearing their special Wellbeing Shine Champion badges, letting everyone in their school know they can turn to them when their Wellbeing needs a little support💚. On our story today, you will see an assembly they gave sharing all their thoughts on what being a Wellbeing Shine Champion means. Their ideas are magical, 'C=Caring for all, H=Happy to listen, A = Always here!'...

World Smile Day was created to spread some joy and lift people's spirits. Their theme for today is 'Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.' To help with this, go to our blog where you find our Kindness Gift Voucher (a free-to-all PDF you can print as many times as you like🪄). We would love you to use it to inspire kindness to others, and yourself🤗, in your home or school or in your wider Community. Please share far and wide 🌎💫 and, if you'd like to share your Kindness Gift Voucher with us, we would love to see them, thank you, Amy✨

Download PDF • 1.41MB

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