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Responding to Need - What Happens Next? When is...

Responding to need is at the heart of our work 💙. As part of our work in partnership with NHS Pennine Care CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), we send unique therapeutic post to children every month for 4 months. Alongside this, grownups are invited to a monthly Teams call to see how they are, their child is and to support them to use the post to positively impact their child's Wellbeing. The beautiful problem we've come to realise is that some of the children we've already met want to be on that call.

"Are you sure it's for grownups? I think Amy will want to see me, not you!"

8-year-old feedback🌟 .

Our programme is unique, so it makes perfect sense that the stages of it are unknown. But knowing what happens next is so important. So Chay (our Chief Doodler) and myself have designed this tick list. Perfect for a fridge that we will hand out at the first Funshop and fill in, together 💫.

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