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Sharing Worries 💎

Can you think of a moment when you were going to share a Worry but then didn’t? 🤯🛑

I frequently hear stories of moments Worries weren’t shared. “I was just about to say but then...’. The ‘but thens’ are so varied. Often they seem to be the smallest of things but they were big enough to prevent a shared confidence that may have helped. And, in the stories I hear, the help is so necessary 💚. Each of these stories reminds me of how precious it is when a child does choose to share their Worries with you 💎.

I just want to say, if you’re reading this right now, and you have Worries you wish you could share, I really hope you find someone you can trust to share your Worries with 🤯💞. It’s hard to keep Worries to yourself. Telling someone you trust can really help, Amy✨

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