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The Worry Wizard + Blue Sky Foundation

= helping children's Wellbeing shine across Merseyside!

Do you know a primary school in Merseyside who would like to receive a FULLY FUNDED evidence-based Wellbeing programme?

The Blue Sky Foundation, with support from the Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside, are offering our 'Introducing Wellbeing' programme to primary schools across the region. Thank you so much to the Blue Sky Foundation for making this possible. They are committed to supporting children and young people's emotional Wellbeing. So are we! Do get in touch and share with anyone who may benefit from this support. Funding is limited. Email and we can chat further. #fromworriestowellbeing #community #blueskyfoundation #cfml #childrensmentalhealth #bettertogether #funding #primaryschool #merseyside

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